Welcome To Our Mirror Photo Booth & Other Selfie Photo Booth Rentals

How It Works

Our Mirror Booth in action

This is our Luxury Photo Booth and comes with ALL the Bells and Whistles including color or black & white (Glam) photos

The colorful animations and count downs will guide you through your photo experience. Starting with a custom attract screen made especially for you!

We will gather information from you as far as logos, colors, theme, etc... you choose the type of template you prefer and we will create something unique and special that fits your style. We will assist in choosing from one of our beautiful pillow top backdrops to coordinate with your template.

Once you have completed your photo session everyone in the photo gets a print. The mirror will also prompt you for your phone number so that you can send your photo instantly to your phone.

Our Venue Pro with its sleek look and Mirrored Front

This is our Premium Photo Booth

Everyone offers a square box on a stand,  but not us. We have the most unique looking yet lately, the most imitated look in portable photo booths. The tilting head helps to accommodate people of different heights and a stunning mirrored face that cannot be properly appreciated until you see it in person. We have a Canon T6 model camera built inside for top notch quality printed photos which means you are going to LOVE the way you look! 

Just like with our Mirror Booth you will choose the type of template you prefer and we get to work on creating something unique to your style. Prints are offered in 4x6" or the traditional 2x6" strips and everyone in the photo gets a copy.  The MMS feature is also offered for instant sharing amongst friends and social media.

Insta Digi Selfie Booth

Our Insta Digi Selfie Booth has a modern chic design, tech-savvy, and is a super sleek interactive iPad photo booth that will definitley keep your guests entertained. Packed with fun virtual props and digital filters you and your guests can choose between still photos, gifs, boomerangs or videos. We will connect with you and create a custom attract screen as well as a photo template with your name, date or logo. All images are shared instantly via text or email sending directly to your phone. Digital copies of all images will be sent to you post event. This is also a great booth when space is an issue. Perfect for a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, sweet 16, anniversary, grad party & birthdays. 

Branding and data collection options make this booth is a MUST HAVE for Corporate Events. Grand openings, reopenings, sales events, concerts, festivals etc...

Our Compact Roamer Selfie Booth is a game changer

This selfie iPad booth is strictly digital and a GREAT add-on to any mirror booth or venue pro package. Let us work the crowd and bring the fun to them. Giving your guests options to take Photos, GIF's or Boomerangs. This is a great  booth as it allows us to interact with so many people in such a short period of time.  Whether gathered at a table or letting loose on the dance floor we can capture it all with this portable and compact booth. Since it is so user friendly we like to bring our stand along so your guests can use it at their leisure. The exciting part is all images can be text or emailed instantly to your phone. 


Retro Audio Guestbook

You will have the ability to record an outgoing message in your own voice on the telephone of your choice.  Your guests will hear your message and have up to 4 minutes to leave their words of encouragement or maybe a fun memory.  Do you have guests that can't make your event? No worries, we will give you a number for them to call and they will also be able to record their personal message to you. Our software records and stores each message perfectly in real time.  You will get a digital copy of all messages and a unique usb flash drive so that you can cherish these messages forever, with options to have your messages placed onto a vinyl album or video.

Grab a Prop

We can provide props for every occasion. Whether you prefer signs, boa's, hats or glasses we have you covered. 




Hard Cover 12x12 Memory Book

We now have incredible software that will take the photos from the Mirror booth and Venue Pro and send them instantly to our Ipad kiosk stand. We will assist each guest as they choose from their template photo or raw photo's as they now can create their very own scrap book page. Using a unique pen they can make their photos larger or smaller, add as many as they like and then customize their page any way they choose. Adding emojis or stickers and in their own hand writing or they can choose a specific font/ color they can write or draw whatever they want. 

We then put together a hard cover book with your photo on the front along with hard/ wax covered pages creating a beautiful memory album that will last forever

Strike a Pose!

Follow the animated prompts as our photo booth's guide you through your photo experience & say cheese!





Sign the Mirror

Sign,draw and add virtual props & emoji's directly onto the mirror to personalize your photo.





Collect Your Prints

When using the Mirror Booth or the Venue Pro Don't forget to grab your printed photo. Such a wonderful keepsake to remind of you the fun you had.


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